Products and Services

Fast Change

For Startups, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and teams/projects it is critical you have a balanced and dynamic mechanism to rapidly drive  creativity and innovation and then successfully implement change both in your organisation and your customer-base.
To develop as a high-performance leader in your sector Paul McKey can help instil the required creative processes and passion into your business by combining Synergistic Design with Fast change, Lean startup and Experience design methods. These and other customer-centric approaches  build the capabilities and behaviour that differentiate successful 21st century organisations. Our services include:

  • Innovation audit (are you or aren’t you innovative?)
  • Fast Climate, Culture and Subculture audit (who are you?)
  • Creativity Design (Where is your creative centre?)
  • Customer Experience Design services (who is your customer?)
  • Workshops, mentoring and learning programs for all of the above

We work closely with your people and teams to stimulate your strategy and product development, marketing efforts and sales. Applying the iterative and  accelerative approach of Synergistic Design to projects can invigorate them and improve their likelihood of success.

Slow Change

For mature organisations your culture is already complex, you need diagnostics that can help people educate themselves about themselves and the organisation – to remove the false assumptions and work with the realities. The M4P diagnostic tool will provide you with the quantitative and qualitative picture of your organisation’s motivation, climate, culture and attitudes. It forms the basis of your change strategy and measurement of future improvement. Understanding yourself is the first step to transformation.

Once again we work closely with key people in your organisation to  analyse, articulate and develop the optimal culture that can provide the competitive advantage and excellence of service you aspire to.


Strategic and transactional change is a big part of modernising organisations with new systems, work practices and business-appropriate or optimal cultures. We provide a complete change management service:

  • Benefits realisation
  • Strategic change design
  • Change readiness and analysis
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communications design and delivery
  • Workforce design
  • Learning and development
  • Culture analysis and shaping.

Using a Benefits Realisation framework Redbean can provide an effective and sustainable change program.

Learning & Performance

As a specialist in organisational learning Paul McKey has developed a Learning Environment Maturity Model that can provide you with the foundation for a truly innovative organisation. Learning services include:

  • Organisational learning design and development
  • Learning and performance strategies
  • Interactive learning strategies
  • Customer centric learning
  • Learning as a business strategy

For more information on our services or if you would like to discuss innovation and change in your organisation with Paul McKey please contact us directly.