Coaching Services

Paul McKey provides tailored mentoring or coaching services to individuals and teams who are implementing innovation and change in their businesses or who just need a behind the scenes advisor and confidant to assist with your personal or professional  development and goals.
What the program offers you:

  1. Individual mentoring for your ideas, projects, tasks or professional-development;
  2. Advisory for your startup, growing or running business; either for individuals or management teams;
  3. Team-based coaching and development for your projects, skills development and organisational innovation and change.

What you receive:

  • Real-time consulting advice and/or assistance for business startup/improvement or learning and performance projects of any size;
  • Guidance to help you create, develop and implement truly innovative programs. Do more than just enough!;
  • Clear objectives and outcomes to help you achieve success in your individual or team learning program(s);
  • Additional confidential consulting help on current issues and concerns;
  • A customised plan with strategies, targets and tactics for your ‘project’.

Typical participant profile:

Executives, managers, professionals, business/project owners, and entrepreneurs, technologists, change managers, educators, project-teams who need:

  • independent, objective coaching on successful design, development and delivery of innovation and change programs that provide sustainable competitive advantage;
  • support in one or more of the critical success areas – business, purpose, technology and people;
  • results-oriented and pragmatic advice;
  • maximum flexibility- access for time frames that meet your needs;
  • maximum responsiveness – phone calls and email returned within 24 hours;
  • assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans, or needs a sounding board to ensure validity of current strategies and performance;
  • absolutely confidential help at key times, and fast response with options for action; and
  • specific help in one or more key areas.

Please contact me directly to discuss a tailored plan for you today. If I can’t help I may be able to find someone who can.